We are convinced that Dave Copperfield must be taking the photos for some of the houses we are visiting. As with most, we are weeding out homes based on the listing our agents send us. Homes with no photos get very little to no consideration and homes with reasonable photos we select to visit. I promise you if we could sue for false advertisement for some of these homes we absolutely would. Some of the listing are so deceptive with their photos and even more so with their misleading statements. Be wary when a listing states spa like baths and never show you a picture of the bath.

One particular house amazed us by the depths in which agent went to trick potential buyers. We dubbed this house the magical camera. This particular house was built in the woods even through it was within a residential area. This particular house had beautiful shots of the exterior and interior with a great list price. I guess the price should have been the clue that this house had serious issues.  The pictures would lead one to believe that the front yard was predominately flat with a little hill on the side yard. They didn’t even show the backyard so that should have been a sign but the images were just so appealing. When we got to the address we searched the area trying to find the house and were it not for the mailbox on the main street we would not have found the house. The house was so below grade that it was barely noticeable from the street. The driveway would have given some of the best roller-coaster a run for their money.  The driveway alone was a nightmare especially when you considered trying to park, receive delivery or even driving a manual-transmission car up that steer hill. However, the yard only exacerbated the problem. The backyard was non-existent, and the front was a bowl with enough flat ground to put a sidewalk that lead to the front door. We determine that the area had been a wooded area and developed after the original neighborhood because it seemed so out of place. The home had so many trees surrounding it that it felt more like a tree house than a home and besides a 12 year old I don’t know anyone who wants to live in a tree house. The outside was so bizarre that we never made it into the interior.

This home has a very specific buyer because very few people will accept the unique challenges this house offers. We felt bad because we wasted the time of the seller. They had made plans to be out of the house so that we could freely tour the house that we never even entered. If the agent had been honest about the surrounding we would have never made the appointment and we would not have waste our time or theirs. This is one of those occasion where the seller has to be proactive and know what information is being display about their property. If they look at their listing and say “Wow is that my house” you need to get real and not waste your time with a lie. People don’t appreciate being deceived and it only leads them to believe if you lied about this, what else are you lying about.

This experience has taught us to be more observant and to ask the question “What are these pictures not showing us?” Well the search continues on…. Check back weekly so we can keep you updated on our search.

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